Ms. Marvel — Series Review

by KJ Proulx

Iman Vellani in ‘Ms. Marvel’ [Credit: Marvel Studios]

Like most of my Marvel reviews, I always begin by saying how much of a big fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and how impressed I am that it hasn’t fallen apart. With the exception of the very clever WandaVision, I’ve been slightly critical of the sheer number of projects they currently have going. Sure, I’ve liked them all so far, but, even me, who’s eagerly awaiting the next project, have to admit that it’s beginning to feel a little crowded, and with X-Men and Fantastic Four eventually coming, bringing in many new characters, this universe is going to be quite expansive, especially for newcomers. With that criticism aside though, I’m here to share my thoughts on Ms. Marvel, Marvel Studios’ latest release to finish on Disney+ and let you know that it’s very much worth watching. I watched this series with a big smile on my face and I think many fans may feel the same if they give it a chance.

Kamala Khan, a very bright high school student, and massive Avengers fan (Captain Marvel in particular), discovers that a magical bangle passed down from generations in her family, will give her the powers she so desires. Juggling this with her home life, where her family isn’t giving her any freedom, and her school life where she just doesn’t fit in, this journey she goes on felt very authentic to many classic tales. The familiarity would’ve normally made me roll my eyes, saying I’ve seen this story a thousand times before, but the rich history and cultural background that was injected into this story made it feel fresh. I loved Kamala Khan, all of her family, and even her close friends. This cast of characters more than sold the show for me.

The series begins with a very fun tone and tells a story of a girl who is just trying to do what makes her happy, but the later episodes dive into her culture and I thought both aspects of this show worked very well. I will say that once episodes four and five really dive deep into the mythology, the loveable secondary characters from the first few episodes really begin to feel absent. That’s probably my biggest issue with this show as a whole. Yes, it’s a show about Kamala Khan, but the writers gave many characters things to do at the start, which made it odd that nobody joined her on her journey later (yes, the way it was written explains why they’re not there, but I don’t think that was a good choice. Still, the conclusion is very satisfying, especially the post-credit scene.

Iman Vellani shines from start to finish here as the titular character. For being such a young actress, she fits right into this universe as exactly the character that’s been written for her to portray. I absolutely loved how well she played the fan girl of the franchise, while still fully embracing that she may now become a part of it. Her comedic timing and dramatic moments all worked for me and I can’t wait to see her story continue. If for nothing else, this series, more than any of the others, made me very excited for what comes next.

Overall, Ms. Marvel was a series I wasn’t all that excited for, but Marvel has earned the benefit of the doubt in my opinion. I will always check out their series’ or films, simply due to how well the world-building has gone so far. Yes, my worry that too much is currently going on grows bigger and bigger each day, but for now, I’m still along for the ride and it’s still a fun one. All six episodes of Ms. Marvel are currently streaming on Disney+ and I recommend checking it out, and even more if you’re up to date on the franchise.

Rating: 4/5

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