Ferrari — Review: Slow and Steady Wins the Race

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2 min readFeb 1, 2024

by KJ Proulx

Adam Driver in ‘Ferrari’ [Credit: Neon]

Everyone knows the name Ferrari. Whether you’re talking about the man himself or the cars that have been around for decades, I think it’s safe to call the name at least recognizable. With that said, I never once looked into the backstory of Enzo Ferrari’s personal life; this film focuses almost exclusively on that. Not knowing his backstory may have led to me liking this film more, but all I know is that I enjoyed it far more than it seems the critics did. Michael Mann’s latest directorial effort is still playing in theatres and available on demand. Here are my thoughts.

This true story takes place back in 1957, as Enzo Ferrari’s (Adam Driver) company is on the verge of going bankrupt. His only hope is for one of his drivers to win the Mille Miglia race across Italy to put his brand back in the spotlight. This story is only the beginning and ending of the film, as it takes much more time to focus on his personal life throughout the majority of the runtime. His wife Laura (Penélope Cruz) and his mistress Linda Lardi (Shailene Woodley) are the true supporting cast members here and they are both terrific. The drama here had me completely engaged and the fact that there is basically no racing in this film until the final half-hour didn’t bother me in the slightest.